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GopiAnand are Niels and Christina Legêne from Copenhagen, Denmark. Since the 80'ies they have been on the path of singing mantras and repeating the names. They are rooted in the blissful bhakti tradition of Vrindavan. For a decade GopiAnand has been doing weekly kirtans in Copenhagen, appeared at numerous yoga retreats and festivals – and during winter they offer daily kirtans in Goa, India. They present themselves like this: 
“We are not really a band. We just lead kirtans, call and response style. We aim to take participants from the worry and distress of daily life into that secret place of inner peace and loving happiness. Our biography is basically just hundreds and hundreds of kirtans with so many beautiful people. Endless rivers of beautiful voices. So much kripa. Immense silence. We are grateful to have the opportunity to sing with all of you.”
Christina Legene (Gopi): Lead vocal and harmonium
Niels Legene Thomsen (Anand): Dholak
Friends may appear on guitar, flute, kartels, whatever …

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