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Daniela Garza Rios

*known as Daniela Mandala

Founder of SoHA: School of Healing Arts

More than 20 years in the yoga and healing worlds. Senior experience in natural medicine, yoga, and the healing arts.

Devoted to service offering the fusion of the vedic traditions with the latest research in human health and the science of wellbeing, her work as a yoga trainer inspires deep inner growth through self-optimizing healing techniques, yoga and movement mastery.

Well known for holding "the best yoga trainings in Bali" her teachings ripple across the global grid.

Currently offering In-person and online trainings, workshops, and conferences around the world.

Mandala Vinyasa System
Bioenergetics Osteopathy
Natural Acupuncture
Medical Magnet Therapy
Thai Yoga Massage
Shivaist Tantra
Vedic Teachings - Puja Swami Dayananda

“We pulse as one. Gravitate to unify the global family, celebrate soul interconnectedness, and enhance our full experience of divine Self.” – Daniela