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Roland & Nathalie Combes

Roland Combes, Certified Osteopath graduated from Eurostéo in 2004, he practices in Hyères, France.Founder and creator of Wuo Tai ® in 2003, he co-founded the European Federation of Wuo Tai in 2008 where the trains teachers.He created d OstéoDanse ® curiculum 2011 and OstéoFly ® in 2014,His path began very young with yoga in his family environment and a philosophical and artistic education around movement. These numerous disciplines across multiple trips and meetings sprouted in him a deep curiosity, which led to various apprenticeships in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fascia therapy, QigongHis goal is to deepen and develop new therapeutic interventions through the alliance of osteopathy and dance: WUO TAI, OsteoDance and OsteoFly

​​​​Nathalie Combes, I founded the Wuo Tai School and the course structure with Roland. I have been trained at Wuo since 2007 and I am a trainer at Roland since 2009! I also organize training sessions in France, Switzerland and I co-organize training courses in Belgium, Japan, Chile, Australia