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Pascal Weis

"In the end we only regret the chances we did not take, so move, connect & play!"

My mission is to take you out of your comfortzone and into your full potential! 
I am travelling the world to teach movement, communication and teamwork as a Yoga teacher and Sportscientist and I truly believe that trust is the most important quality and portfolio that we can invest in. It is nothing that you can demand, it is something you have to earn and build.
Every class I teach and every step I take is dedicated to support big dreams! 
And just like a muscle in your body, your thoughts can be trained to focus on things that make you feel complete!
My mission is to move people!

I strongly believe that if you find the kind of movement that fits your personality and your constitution, it will change the way you act & think, it will move you!
On my mission to inspire movement, I’ve found that Yoga, AcroYoga & healing arts hold amazing tools and techniques to connect to your body and to your purpose. In classes, workshops & trainings I blend these techniques to create a space where change can happen.

By mixing western science & eastern philosophy I create a sweaty down to earth approach, that pulls you out of your comfort zone and into an area of transformation.
Let's move!

My Presenters & Artists Sessions

Saturday, July 8

15:15 CEST

Sunday, July 9

10:45 CEST

13:00 CEST