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1957 Marcus Felsner born in Tirol Austrian Alps 1969 Starting to play the guitar 1978 1st India trip, staying nearly 3 years in a row in India. Roaming the Himalayas meeting Sadhus, learning from them, living on the beaches of Goa in the winter months, walking and hitchhiking through South India, soaking up Indian culture on a deep level. Slowly getting into yoga, becomming more and more interested in singing Kirtan or Bajans. 1985-1990 living mostly in USA California,Oregon and Hawaii. Starting regular yogapractice, leading Bhajan circles in the Eugene Yogacenter in Oregon. 1991 Completed teacher training course in South India in Sivananda Center in Nayardam. Next 10 years travelling in India, USA, Greece, Australia going to rainbow gatherings sharing yoga and music. 2000-2009 Spending more time at home in Austria, making a living by teaching yoga in some well known 5 starresorts near his hometown. In this period also got into 'Ashtanga Yoga' as taught by PatabiJoise in Mysore. 2009-now Travelling a lot again, mainly India, Thailand and Bali, teaching in Goa, learning more with Danny Paradise in Jungleyoga retreats in Thailand, Bali Spirit Festival ... „Singing Bhajans or Kirtan is a great way to connect with the devine – it is a bit like Pranayama it makes you breath deeply and takes you to the here and now!“ greetings marcus – om nama sivaya–

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